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What do you need to know about home insurance?

Are you just about to buy a house?

Then you might have to purchase home insurance before the transfer at the notary.

Not sure if it does or not? - This article is just for you!

Once your real estate agent has agreed with the seller, the last phase of the house hunting is mainly characterized by administrative and paperwork you need to take care of before the delivery date. For example, submitting documents for the mortgage institution, carrying out a structural inspection, and purchasing home insurance. Among the things, the cases house insurance needs to protect from are fire, storm, and burglary. 

Is it an obligation to purchase home insurance?

Make sure you're well prepared for the home transfer day. One example is that the civil notary will ask to see that you have valid home insurance. It conditions the transfer. The home insurance must commence on the day of property transfer. In some cases, you are the one who needs to take care of the home insurance before the delivery.

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Do I need to purchase home insurance if I buy an apartment?

The Owners' Association (VvE) is simply a collective name for all homeowners in a complex. If you buy an apartment in an apartment complex, you automatically become a member of the VvE. The members are both liable for their unit and the entire building. The VvE often provides home insurance for the whole building so that not everyone has to insure their home separately. It's that easy. So check with your VvE if this is the case.

Do I need to purchase home insurance if I buy a house?

Since a shared owner's association is less common in terraced or detached houses in the Netherlands, the obligation for purchasing home insurance lies with the buyers starting from the transfer date.

Are you planning to buy a house?

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