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What is a Structural Inspection?


A construction inspection is an independent, visual inspection of an existing home that you could carry out before buying a house in the Netherlands. This inspection gives you a general idea of ​​the structural condition of the house and insight into the costs of improving it.


Why Carry Out a Structural Inspection?


Whether if it is going to be an owner-occupied or rental property, a construction inspection is essential for investigating issues that a buyer might overlook at a regular visit to a house. A house inspection before buying a house could save a buyer spending money and hassle when he is at least expecting to.

Structural Inspection in 6 Steps

  1. Upon meeting, state any points that the structural engineer should pay extra attention to during the inspection.

  2. The structural engineer visually inspects the structural condition of the house, usually first inside, from top to bottom, and then outside.

  3. In principle, the engineer only inspects the private part of an apartment.

  4. The structural engineer does not drill or chop so that the owner of the house is not damaged.

  5. As part of the inspection, uses the structural engineer various aids and tools, such as:

    • Moisture meter when there is a suspicion for moisture problems.

    • A mirror to look at the bottom of doors or the top of a dormer window. 

    • As far as the crawl space is concerned, the structural engineer assesses this space whenever possible.    

  6. After the structural inspection, the structural engineer draws up an extensive report containing his findings, the defects found, and the repair costs.


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