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   Renting out a house in the Netherlands entails risks, such as the risk of a cannabis farm in the place, the use of the home for human trafficking, or tenants who do not have the financial means to pay the rent. All of these can have economic consequences for the landlord. Therefore, as a landlord, you must pay close attention to whom you rent out your house to as a tenant.

You cannot foresee all situations, but you certainly can minimize your exposure to risks.


Should I Use 'Tenant Screening'?

When you engage the help of a rental agency, it is good to check how they screen tenants. It is not mandatory, so check for yourself whether the broker or agency carried out this screening type and what the results were.

Diagonal Makelaardij manages rental houses in Amsterdam and The Hague. As a way of work, Diagonal always gives its renting landlords the option to hire a specialized anti-fraud investigation agency to screen prospected tenants. A service that is offered at a reasonable price. 

Do you arrange the rental yourself? Ensure that no malicious tenant rents a home by using a false, stolen, or missing ID.


7 Questions for Prospected Tenants: 


To reduce the risk of abuse of the home, a professional property manager or you (in case you handle it by yourself) should use the following checklist:

  1. Let the tenant identify himself with an original document and not with a copy of it.

  2. Ensure that the person you screen is the same as the person who gets the key and signs the contract.

  3. Never accept cash payments.

  4. Ask for an employer's statement. You can also consider calling the employer (on a landline number) to check.

  5. It is customary to ask for the last one to three pay slips, along with the statements of the account where they were deposited. Make sure that the rent is deposited into your account from this bank number. 

  6. Make sure that, at least, the electrical connection is in the name of the tenant. 

  7. Make sure that the tenant registers with the municipality within a reasonable time.

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How to safely rent out your house

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