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What to be aware of when terminating a rental agreement?

'What is the notice period for ending a contract?'

'How do I inform my landlord?'

'What are my obligations when leaving the rental property?'

Just bought a house? That's how you end your current rental agreement. This article is for you!

What sort of rental contracts are there?

In the Netherlands, there are several types of rental agreements. We focus on the two most common sorts of rental contracts, with a limited period and an unlimited period. The limited period states the maximum period the rental could take place, for example, a maximum of 2 years. The unlimited period has a minimum rental period, often a 1-year minimum, and after that, the agreement becomes an unlimited period.
Check under the title "Duration, extension, and termination" in the agreement whether it states a minimum or a maximum period.

When does the tenant need to give the landlord a notice?

Tenancy agreements have a "termination period" (opzegtermijn) clause. It describes how and when could each of the parties terminate the agreement. The clause could be either in the body of the contract or at the general conditions.


Many house owners use the ROZ general condition as a basis for the rental. There it is defined as follows: "...the notice period of termination to be given by the tenant will be equal to the duration of a payment period, but no less than one month and not more than three months..."

For example, Jimmy lives in an apartment in Amstelveen. In August, he finally signed the purchase agreement of his newly bought house in Almere, and he wants to end his tenancy contract for his current place. Jimmy gets the keys to his new home on the 1st of November. To ensure he will not double pay for both the new house and the current rental place, Jimmy needs to inform his landlord by the 30th of September. 

How do tenants inform their landlord on rental termination?

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How to inform the landlord about the rental termination?

Be the ROZ, "Notice of termination of the tenancy agreement is to be given by Ballif's writ or registered letter, with effect from a day agreed for payment of the rent (usually the first day of a calendar month), with due to the observance of a notice period."

To avoid inconveniences and have it all documented, send two notices, one by registered mail and one by email. 

What are the tenant's obligations when delivering the house back?

What are the tenant's obligations when delivering the house back?
When delivering back the rental property, tenants in the Netherlands need to return it in the same condition they received it. They need to carry out all the painting works or thorough cleaning beforehand. Landlords in Holland have the right to claim all or part of the deposit as the last resort if needed. And in many cases, they do. So, try to avoid it as much as possible.

Tip! Consider when moving into your new home, it could be handy to ask your contractor to carry out some works and spare time waiting for other professionals.

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