Upgrading your house's energy label


Wondering what's the benefit of upgrading your house's energy label and whether you may obtain a loan in excellent terms for it?

Then this article is just for you!

Whether you just started your house-hunting or already own one, whether to live in or rent it out as an investment, it is of your interest to have a high energy label as possible. Simply put, the more energy-efficient a house is, the less energy it uses, and as a result, you pay less each month.

Since 2017, the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative has been working to ensure Europe’s mortgage markets account for properties' energy efficiency. Over 50 banks and financial institutions in the Netherlands as well have already joined the initiative. Thanks to that, lenders will provide on average 8% of additional financing for energy efficiency improvements to properties. 


Without even talking about its positive environmental impact, understanding the importance of the energy label may save you a lot of money.

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How could the house's energy label affect your purchase?


When you compare houses throughout your house-hunting, it's always wise to consider their energy label an essential factor. Buying a home with a low-energy label might have immediate financial consequences on you, either for home-seekers and investors: 

1. Owner-occupied home:

Living in a house with a high energy label simply means lower expenses on gas and electricity every month. Additionally, as part of the lending institutions' interest in promoting these green mortgages, they offer them in good terms, making the return on investment viable pretty quickly.


2. Rental property:

Assuming that you bought a second house to rent out. One of the metrics used to determine whether the property falls under the free-sector (vrij sector) rental or not is the "scoring" (puntentelling) system. One of the factors that have a relatively significant share of the scoring results is the energy label. Bottom line, before you buy a rental property, a high-energy rate is definitely a plus. Planning to buy a rental property? Read more.

These 2 examples demonstrate the significance of investigating a house's energy label before buying it. Implementing that may grant home-seeker, for example, spare money every month, which directly ease him to pay the monthly mortgage repayment. 

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