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Hi there!

My name is Ben Engelsman. Besides real estate, I love playing handball in an Amsterdammer club, enjoy road cycling, and travel with my wife, Lihi, and my daughter Lucy.

My journey in real estate began as a junior in the housing department of a big company, where I had to handle issues in the group's properties. A year later, I was already steering this department to become an independent real estate company. Overseeing dozens of apartments, hundreds of tenants, and multiple projects, made me realize that in the bottom line, what makes people happy with where they live, is the perfect balance between the space and the location of the place.

Having seen hundreds of properties lead me to open Diagonal makelaardij. A real estate agency that helps young professionals and families to make wise decisions in the fast-moving housing market, using my well-founded experience, skills, and knowledge.


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Laan van Kronenburg 14, 1183 AS Amstelveen

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