In a Busy Traditional Market, You Need Innovative Agents to Represent You.


Our Mission

​To Provide Every Person with the Professional Tools to Buy a Home at a Fair Price. 

Safely & Simply.


How we do it?

We combine our professional on-the-ground experience with AI-based home valuation tools to help homebuyers make wise and informed decisions in the quickly changing housing market.

Why people choose Us?

V Goal-oriented agents

V AI-based home value

V €2,500 for guidance

V Problem-solvers

X Not an online Chatbot

X No outdated systems

X No hidden costs

X No fixed mindset

How does it work?

Step 1: Find a House Online

All houses for sale appear online. You don't need someone to "find you a house". 

However, once you found one - don't lose it!

It combines a personal agent with AI-based home valuation - what homebuyers actually need nowadays. 

Step 2: Take the Guidance Package

Step 3: Upgrade

if you want...

Homebuyers like to use our professional network and back-office assistance to ensure a smooth home transfer.

Too busy for that? 

Choose the Complete Package

Guidance Package

€ 2,500 incl. VAT

Found a house you like? 

Great, we'll schedule you a viewing, evaluate the house's price, submit your offer, and be ready to negotiate for you.

Too busy for that? 

Choose the Complete Package

What You Get?


Your personal agent 

Professional purchasing plan

5 viewings planning

V Inner tips & tricks

V Membership in our network

V 5 AI-based home valuations

5 offer representations

Purchase agreement review

Extra Services

  1. AI-based home valuations

  2. Agent joins you to viewings

  3. Offer representations

  4. Home documents review

  5. Book your taxation-inspection-notary

  6. Paperwork assistance

  7. Attend the purchase deed signing

  8. Guide the transfer day


In addition to the Guidance package, you can choose extra services.

At every step along the road.




Complete Package

€ 5,000 incl. VAT

Too busy? No worries! 

We'll send you listings, schedule and join you to viewings, run evaluations, submit offers, and negotiate on your behlaf.

What You Get?

Your personal agent 

Professional purchasing plan

V Viewings planning

V Tips & Network membership

V Joining to home viewings

V AI-based home valuations

Offer representations

Purchase agreement review

V House documents verification

V Taxation-inspection-notary

V Joining signing & transfer days


What People Say About Us

Diagonal helped me find the apartment for me. By truly listening to my wish-list, making recommendations and giving advice, they were amazing. I happily refer them to anyone I know.

— Debbie W.

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