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Our Mission

Making your home-buying process easy than ever


Why Us?

V Devoted professionals  

X Not an algorithm

V Flexible services

X No fixed packages

V Your pace

X No time pressure

V Starting price €750

X No hefty startup costs


How does it work?


Get our Guidance  package for only € 750!

What included?

Assigning Your Agent 

Creating a strategic plan

Representing a house offer

Giving you inner tips & tricks

Checking your purchase agreement

  1. Analyzing the market value

  2. Joining you to house viewings

  3. Reviewing the house documents

  4. Representing house offers

  5. Booking the taxation and notary

  6. Joining you to transfer day

 Upgrade it! 

Pick & Choose the services for which you want to use Your Agent 


Happy clients

What People Say About Us

Diagonal helped find the apartment for me. By truly listening to my wish-list, making recommendations and giving advice, they were amazing. I happily refer them to anyone I know.

— Debbie W.

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