Fellow expat, are you ready to buy yourself a house or sell your current home?

As real estate brokers, who practically invest in real estate, we believe that every house you plan to acquire, you need to see as a long term investment.

As such, it would be wise to hire a professional who knows to recognize a bargain, decisively negotiate on your behalf, and of course, patient enough to hear your needs.

It is our personal service and the long-term perspective that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Our Vision

Providing expats easy access to the Dutch housing market by offering personal and professional services in the real estate field.

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Our Services


house hunting

selling your house

documentation research



finding you an apartment

rent out your house

rental management 

contract formulating

property management


assembling investment plan

market research

locating assets & bargains

creating assets portfolio 


My name is Ben Engelsman. As a newcomer in Holland, I had difficulty finding a professional realtor who is patient enough to listen to my goals and get me the best purchase price. I felt like all the realtors had the same traditional way of thinking, which I needed to comply with accordingly. Instead, I needed a realtor who sees the bigger picture, one who is not afraid to say the word 'investment', that would walk me through the quest to my dream home. 

Therefore, after years of studying the discipline in-depth, I founded Diagonal makelaardij.

A real estate agency designed to offer expats easy access to the Dutch real estate market. A place where customers can feel free to advise about their estates and plans, from small questions to big steps, not paying by the minute.  

A type of brokerage agency that stands out by thinking outside of the box!
We are differentiating our office from traditional brokers by serving both conventional real estate and investment consultancy services.
We believe in continuous communication with our clientele, so we create a business community, offer them our newest offers, and keep them posted on new regulations and trends in the Dutch market.

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+31 6 38-33-6423


Professor J.H. Bavincklaan 7, 1183 AT Amstelveen

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