renting out A House
in 5 steps

Step 1: Analyzing and planning the desired outcome

Step 2: Posting on all the platforms and networks 

Step 3: Showcasing the place and gathering offers

Step 4: Screening final candidates to prevent frauds

Step 5: Closing the best deal you can get

what sets us apart?

  1.  We use our technology to advise you on the most attractive rental price.

  2.  We run candidates' details in a unique anti-fraud system to prevent illegal and fraudulent usage.

  3.  We give you a priority by our in-house renovation company if the house needs a fix-up before, while, and after rental.

  4. We respond quickly when you need to make wise and informed decisions.

Our Rental Services

Safe Rental

1-month rent excl. VAT

For landlords who want to rent out their property via experienced pros who improve rental results by using a vast network and anti-fraud systems.

Property Management

€ 100 / month excl. VAT

For busy landlords who focus on expanding their portfolio by handing over the daily management to professionals.

We pride ourselves in collaborating with Diagonal Renovations BV to ensure a quick reaction time to our maintenance teams.

Our Partners

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